About Cleankey Construction

Cleankey was formed by Richard Berry who, after working for years in the industry, wanted to provide customers with a better product, service, and company. The result was Cleankey Construction, a company that specializes in providing exceptional customer service, the highest quality roofing, and maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. In order to provide this exceptional customer service, LA Roofing Services Cleankey specializes in insurance claims and has several insurance experts on staff to ensure that you receive all of your covered benefits and that your roof and surrounding structures are restored to their pre-storm condition, and most of the time improved.

After taking a look at your roof damage, your coverage is then assessed to determine the specific requirements to claim hail and wind damage. We will also determine if any related damage, such as that which affects the water-shedding capability of your roof has occurred, as most insurance policies are written such that any additional weather-related damage is also covered. While your insurance will determine if it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your roof, depending on the specific coverage of your insurance policy, you are likely eligible to receive a full roof replacement if you have been hit by water damage or excessive wind.

While one of our roofing specialists is inspecting your roof, we will also inform you of any changes in local building codes that affect your roof. While with the proper coverage it is the responsibility of your insurance company to pay for your code upgrades, it is the responsibility of your roofing company to inform you of the local codes. This is a process that we specialize in, so you don’t have to.

The next step is your actual roofing job. Here again, Cleankey exceeds the industry standard with a less than 48-hour turn around on jobs. What this means for you is less hassle, less risk, and less headache. As sustainability is also a concern, Cleankey works with the community to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards, ensure all applicable tax rebates, and do their part toward promoting a more environmentally friendly roofing option.

We Put An Emphasis On TRUST

TRUST is more than a word to us. We believe TRUST is where an efficient price, high quality, and communication intersect. Our combined experience of 30+ years has proven to us that the cheapest products and installers rarely get the job done right. Similarly, we believe it serves no customer well to offer a higher-priced material without a worthwhile and corresponding increase in performance or longevity. You can TRUST us to focus on the entire roof system not just what you see, from decking and critical underlayment, sealing penetrations, edgings and confirming proper ventilation, as well the roofing top layer visible to all. The system's parts must each be of high quality but, more importantly, must also work together as a system; and the most important part of the system is the security of using Cleankey Construction as your roofer of choice!

You can TRUST that our Quality and Value is delivered by us in our attention to detail, trained installers, on-site quality control, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. You can TRUST that we provide security to our you with our 2 million dollars in insurance coverage of both our workers and your property, giving you total peace of mind. We guarantee the quality of our work and provide the 5-year Cleankey workmanship warranty to all our customers.

Compare Cleankey to the competitors and you quickly find what we mean by TRUST.